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Sunday 10 March 2013

Stash Report week 10, 2013

First the good news. The house is up and listed on the market. There will have been 8 showings between yesterday and the end of today. It is amazing what the real estate photos can do for a place. They make our tiny little house look like it has huge rooms. If you are interested in checking it out, the link to the listing is here And the other piece of good news is that the dry wall is now all up in my long arm room, and the guys are coming in tomorrow to start the taping and mudding of the dry wall. Shall we all give it a big WOOHOO!!!!
Finally, I did some sewing in the past week. I did up the pink nine patches for the swap at the guild.
And I also did some cutting for the Lazy Sunday Mystery that Bonnie Hunter has in the current Quiltmaker magazine, so I can count that as out, as well as the nine patches. I also finished emptying one of the boxes of new fabrics that was delivered quite some time ago, so there are some more added numbers.
The set up of my sewing area is starting to take shape. I have several more shelving units now, and a dresser to use as the base for my cutting table.
This is what it looked like last night, while Matt was working on putting it all together.

And this is what it looks like now. Matt is in the process of building me my sewing table, which is what that big piece of melamine if for. It looks like a have a mini fabric store down here. LOL!

I'm currently sitting in that comfy looking recliner, right by the window. It's wonderful!!

And now, on to the stash report.

Used this week:                                            1.5 yards
Used this year:                                          23.4 yards
Added this week:                                     38.75 yards
Added this year:                                      104.75 yards
Balance:                                                     81.35 more yards in than out. YIKES!! No wonder it looks like a mini fabric store down here!! Ah well, now that I'm almost set up, I can put the pedal to the metal, as the saying goes, and get cutting and sewing again. Shall we all give another huge WOOHOO!! I know I am. LOL!!
I'm linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times and then I'm going to go and sew!!


  1. WOOHOO! (I'd make it bigger if I could...)
    Your house looks GREAT! Hope it sells really quickly! The new space looks really spiffy too - can't wait to see the new long-arm space as well.
    When I saw your new living room carpet, it struck me how much it looks like some fabric by Malka Dubrawsky that I just bought - I really like it! (the fabric and the carpet!) Looking forward to our next sewing day!

  2. Great sewing area and great husband - he must love you a lot!

  3. Your sewing room looks wonderful. You will be flying through all that fabric in no time. I love seeing that someone else is adding more than using. It makes me feel I'm not alone!

  4. I took the house tour...it looks great. I remember you had a nice back yard...too bad the snow is covering that up! My realtor said 8 was the magic number...an offer usually comes in after 8 showings and that was exactly what happened to us. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. And your new space does look like a quilt shop...perfect!

  5. I took the tour too - cute house! Hopefully it will sell quickly and at a price that you are happy with.

    Your new space looks great.

  6. I'm catching up on my blog comments -- I *know* I commented on this one! LOL!! It looks terrific -- Matt did a terrific job! Wow, wow, wow!!! :)

  7. ps...your stash report made me LOL!!!!! :)


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