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Saturday 30 March 2013

Saturday news and getting it done challenge

We are slowly, but surely getting moved and settled in. We are at the point now that we are spending more time at the apartment than at the old house. I think I like being able to do the moving process slowly, rather than all at once. It sure does cut into my sewing and my facebook chat time with friends, though. ( Miss you, Susan). I've been spending a lot of the past week getting caught up on customer quilts, and they are done!! Woohoo!! I still have a waiting list of people wanting to bring me quilts, which is lovely, But they will be done in my new room, once the machine is moved and set up.
I finally have pictures of that room. This first picture is looking towards the front of the room That wall at the front is going to be my design wall. The door on the left is the entrance from the outside. The door on the right goes into the rest of the garage. Those bulkheads from the ceiling are where the garage door opener rails and motor are. They are going to be perfect for some wall hangings to display.

This next picture is looking towards the back of the room. I am planning on having some hanging racks on that wall, made from 2x4's and coat hanger hooks that I can put dowels across to hold quilts while they are waiting to be done. The long arm machine will be along the wall on the left, and I am hoping for enough space left to put a length of table top, with shelves underneath it along the wall to the right. But I won't know that until the machine actually is in that room and set up. The only thing left to do in there is to get baseboards and quarter round along the edge of the floor and the walls, and to get my design wall built. And cleaning it up, of course.

My sewing area in the apartment is set up, but needs some organizing yet. But since that will be a never ending thing, I'm not too concerned about that. And I have to wait until the rest of the furniture arrives before I can make final decisions on where things are going to go. The couch is going to be where the 2 chairs currently are, so a lot of the mess won't be visible from the living area.

 Here's our kitchen, looking all cozy and welcoming. It has a new Kuerig coffee maker in it, thanks to Lisa and Brian, which is being enjoyed immensely! We spent a lot of time yesterday, Scott and I, deciding on where everything was going to live in the various cupboards, so that chore is done, and we're pretty much functional now.

And This is Scott's end of the room. He's an abstract artist, and is looking forward to being able to set up his painting supplies and actually doing some canvases behind those screens. There is going to be a futon on that back wall, so the area can also double as a guest room. The TV is only on that shelf temporarily. It will eventually get set into its living space above the fireplace.

WE are planning on Wednesday as the take apart the long arm machine day, which I must confess has me rather nervous. She is, after all a delicate, if rather large baby. LOL!! Final moving day is a week today, and we are done, other than the final closing details with the lawyer. It feels like this has been going on forever, and I am so glad that it is so close to being done. I love our little space. There are, of course, some areas that will take some getting adjusted to..... the bedroom being so close to the TV being the most obvious, so far. But we'll get it worked out.
Back at the end of February, I made myself a list of 4 things I wanted to get done in the month of March.
For my goals for March
1. I need to get caught up with my waiting list of customer quilts....... done
2. Get a sewing area set up at the apartment.......... done
3. Make another trip to IKEA in order to pick up needed furniture to set up the new sewing area........... done
4. Sew something, anything, maybe pick something from my Newfo list on my side bar........ done, and finished, although it is over at the other house, so I don't have pictures of it finished. Maybe by Monday??

Goals for April. These are all going to be quilty, and separate from moving issues, and will include working on finishing a long standing UFO.
1.  Sew together the center section of Cactus Rose
2.  Catch  up on Grandmother's Choice. I haven't done any of these in the past month.
3.  Finish step one and start step 2 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery that is running in the Quiltmaker   magazine.
4. Pull out and start working to finish Great Granny Squares.
There, that feels better. Quilt related stuff on my to-do list, at last. When Judy posts her link box for her Getting it Done Challenge, I'll be linking to that.


  1. Love the screens - very contemporary!

  2. Oh, and you should mention in a post how Avery always thinks all your fabric bolts are "books" - so cute! (Skype is not the sharpest picture!)


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