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Monday 28 June 2010

Design wall Monday June 28

It's been a month since I managed a design wall post. Life is quickly getting back to normal, after all the rushing with the wedding, and the wonderfulness of Susan's visit. She left on Wednesday to go to visit with her family in Cape Breton. (Someplace I would very much like to see, someday) The day after she left, I was back to work, after 3 1/2 weeks off. Why is it that time is so weird? It goes so slowly while waiting for something we've been looking forward to, and then totally speeds by when it gets here. Ah well. Susan was good for me while she was here. She is a very organized person, whereas me, not so much. I pulled out all my UFO's to show her, and got inspired to finish up a couple of them, while she relaxed and had a good time reading. I'll post some pictures of them later this week. On my design wall is one of my UFO's, the spring block swap that was hosted by Shannon, at The Pieceful Kwilter There is actually a block in there from Queensland, Australia. How cool is that! The first pic is of the blocks themselves, and the second is with the alternate blocks that I'm going to use to finish the quilt, and get it up to the size I want. There will be 20 of the alternate blocks and, in EQ5, at least, they form a really neat secondary pattern, and all the blocks merge into one overall design. I hope it works as well in real life.  I'm planning on working at this fairly steadily for the next week or 2 until I get it done, along with some customer quilts waiting to be long armed. But, enough for now, time to get ready for work, when I'd much rather continue to sew. (sigh)


  1. Oh Cathy that is going to be a stunning quilt! look forward to seeing it progress.

  2. Great work on your UFO. I have been on a UFO completion kick myself :)

  3. Love your posts and seeing your beautiful quilts. I was watching for your return to blogging. Wondered if we would see pictures of the wedding. We know London well.


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