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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A few wedding pictures

I've added in a few wedding pictures, but I have yet to figure out how to add comments beside each picture, so I'll have to list what each picture is here. The top left pic is myself and Susan. It was so wonderful to have her here to share the wedding and all the before and after with. Top right is my son, Noel, and his wife, Laurie. Second row, left is my son Noel, and my new son, Matt.  Second right is my daughter (in-law), Laurie. So, now I have 4 children. What an easy way to have kids, no labour pains, no terrible 2's, no teenage angst. Fully grown, wonderful people. Under the picture of Laurie is a picture of the table, showing the napkins that Becca and I made from the fabric left over from the bridesmaids dresses. The bottom picture on the right shows the bridesmaids during the ceremony. And the rest of the pics are of the glowing couple. It was a beautiful day, and worth every second of all the work that went into it.

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  1. Beautiful pictures-I'm so happy for you all and that you had a wonderful day and memories.


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