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Wednesday 2 June 2010

Only a Quilter's husband.....

Only the husband of a quilter could come up with this idea. To cover the ceiling of the basement in fabric. Now, for the background to this statement. The night before our daughter's wedding, the bridesmaids and our daughter are going to be spending the night in her room, which is the basement "rec" room, and it is/was a wreck. Scott has cleaned it up, and painted, and Becca has, mostly, gone through all her stuff and either packed it, or thrown it away. But, the one problem was the ceiling. It has holes in it from where we had to fix some plumbing. It has really cheap popcorn texture stuff on the ceiling, which is really gross and dirty. You know the stuff that falls on your head if you blow on it? He tried painting it, and all he got for his trouble was a globby mess, that just drank up all the paint. So, he got this ?brilliant? idea to cover the ceiling with fabric. Yep, fabric, painter's drop cloths, to be specific. So far, maybe not so good. The problem with this idea? It's not a one person job, so guess who got recruited? yep, me, for the last 2 days, with everything else I have yet to do. So, there we are, he's holding up the fabric to the ceiling, and I'm using furniture tacks to hold it in place, while standing on the kitchen chairs, with my neck in a position it was never meant to assume. Of course, the fabric is heavy, so as soon as he lets go of the fabric, the weight of it pulls the tacks out of the ceiling. So, the next idea was to try screws into the fabric at the edge of the ceiling to help support the weight, which worked not too bad. So, the end of the story, there are now 2 10 foot by 11 foot painter's drop cloths attached to the basement ceiling. I have informed him that he owes me, big time. I think the payment is going to be a trip to Stratford later this summer, to see the play "Kiss Me Kate", along with a really nice dinner out. Good thing he's such a lovable soul.......

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  1. Sounds like you really deserve the trip once you are finished this task. So far we have been hearing great things about "Kiss Me, Kate", I hope you enjoy it. All the best on your project.
    Aaron Kropf
    Social and Online Media Coordinator
    Stratford Shakespeare Festival


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