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Saturday 9 November 2013

Scrappy Saturday, browns continue

I managed to get 2 more brown scrappy triple four patches made last night.
I've been using my recliner chair as the setting for most of my pictures that only need a small area. It has the Ott light behind it, so I get the most accurate colour representation there. But that's why there has been that burgundy fabric in the background of some of my pictures lately. I have a portable one that I should dig up, and then I wouldn't have to use the chair, I could spread out on the floor, or something. But anyway, this works, for now. With the shorter days, daylight pictures are harder to come by.
I'm hoping to go over to Gail's for a couple of hours sewing this afternoon. I now have Lazy Sunday completely finished, although no picture yet, I'm waiting for the wind to die down so I can get one outside. If not, I'll take it and pin it up on my design wall later this morning. But, with that one done, I am now moving on to Thanksgiving Leaves. I pulled it out of it's box last night, and found that I have 6 blocks done, and a seventh started. I need either 12 or 16, depending on the size I decide to go with. So, that is next in my line up of attempts to finish without starting anything new. This scrappy challenge is a new start, but it barely counts because it's such small amounts each week. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I'm linking up with Soscrappy. There are more fun brown scrappy things to see there.


  1. Very nice blocks. I really am enjoying making small blocks at the moment.

  2. Great blocks! I'm going to try and finish a little wall hanging with lots of browns this month too.

  3. I've made a double four patch but haven't seen the triple 4 patches. What size are your blocks?

    I have to make do to take my pics also!

  4. Great blocks for a rainbow scrap quilt! I look forward to seeing all your colors together.


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