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Sunday 14 July 2013

Stash Report Week 28, 2013

Well, after the fun of the fabric delivery earlier this week, I now have to 'fess up to the numbers and Link up to Judy's Stash Report.
I have had some out numbers this week, as well, since I've been cutting and doing a little sewing on Meteor Showers.

Used this week:                      3.4 yards
Used this year:                      78.8 yards
Added this week:                  26.5 yards
Added this year:                 157.75 yards
Balance:                               78.75 yards more in than out. Yikes!!
Ah well, I've been saying for years that it is going towards my retirement fund. And I have a bit of news regarding that retirement. I had meant to keep on working until September. There were a lot of factors that had September as the goal, the biggest one being that there are changes coming at the hospital that I don't want to be a part of. I didn't think they would be bringing in those changes during the summer and the high vacation rate for all the staff.  Well, they are bringing in those changes faster than I thought they would, with no warning and no discussion with the nursing staff involved in those changes. With the combination of those changes, and the very poor attitude of the management staff to the nurses providing the care to all the patients, and their attitude towards the patients as well, I just can't, in all good conscience, continue to do the job. My own attitude has gotten to the point where I hate going in to work, and am thus no longer effective in the job. So, after much thought and prayer, and discussion with my husband, we have decided it is best for everyone if I quit the job now, rather than 2 months from now. And I must say, my current overwhelming feeling is one of intense relief! I wonder how long it will take for the reality to set in? Just think...... I can quilt and do my long arm and my blog and not have to say that I have to cut it short and go in to work at 3...... Thank you Lord!


  1. Congratulations on your retirement! Lucky you, I can't retire until January and boy am I looking forward to it.

  2. Am I invited to the retirement party??? Congratulations!

  3. Congrats! Enjoy your time quilting :).

  4. I'm glad that you're able to retire now - and that a lot of prayers have been answered with that decision!

  5. My mother retired a full 2 years early from teaching, partly because of coming changes (more costs to her) and because her principal kept giving her ALL the kids with 'problems' (ADD, ADHD, behavior, etc) instead of spreading them to other teachers. It was a good move on my mother's part. I'm sure it's a good move on your part, too.


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