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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What I'm reading

I'm a bit a a history buff....... well, maybe more than a bit. I love historical novels, and I also love well written accurate representations of history. Ones that are interesting to read, rather than just dry recitations of names and dates. This book is a good one. It's called Blood Sisters: The Hidden Lives of the Women Behind the Wars of the Roses. I find this a fascinating, and often confusing part of England's History. This book, while focusing on the lives and the influence of the women involved in the times, also gives a coherent explanation of the politics and the reasons that led to that conflict. This excerpt, copied from the Kobo website, gives a great synopsis of the book.

"The true story of the White Queen and more, this is a thrilling history of the extraordinary noblewomen who lived through the Wars of the Roses. The events of the Wars of the Roses are usually described in terms of the men involved: Richard Duke of York, Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VII. But these years were also packed with women’s drama and – in the tales of conflicted maternity and monstrous births – alive with female energy. In this completely original book, Sarah Gristwood sheds light on a neglected dimension of English history: the impact of Tudor women on the Wars of the Roses. She examines, among others, Cecily Neville, who was deprived of being queen when her husband died at the Battle of Wakefield; Elizabeth Woodville, the commoner who married Edward IV in secret; Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, whose love and ambition for her son knew no bounds. Until now, the lives of these women have remained little known to the general public. Sarah Gristwood tells their stories in detail for the first time. Captivating and original, this is historical writing of the most important kind."

If you like history, in particular, English history, I'd recommend this one. I'm linking up to Judy's What are you reading linky

I've had a couple of people asking for more info about this book, and for whom the link above didn't work. So I've copied the book front and info from the KOBO site.

Blood Sisters: The Hidden Lives of the Women Behind the Wars of the Roses By: Sarah Gristwood

Blood Sisters: The Hidden Lives of the Women Behind the Wars of the Roses 




  1. This is certainly one part of history that I know nothing about. With your recommendation I would be willing to get it a try.

  2. Hmmm, that could be really interesting. Growing up in the sixties, I watched a series on PBS called An Age of Kings and it included this time period. I wish it were available today, because I've often thought I'd like to see it again. It might be interesting to read about the women involved, too. Thanks!

  3. Neither the library nor Amazon comes up with it. The library did have one called Blood Sisters: the French Revolution in women's memory, and I wondered if this were a series? Do you know? Who is the author of your book? I didn't find it on a search at the link you gave, either. Now, of course, I MUST have it. LOL

  4. Oooh! Sounds like a GOOD one!! I love historical fiction, too! :)

  5. This sounds up my alley. I have read several historical fiction books about these women.


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