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Tuesday 19 February 2013

What I'm reading...

Judy, at Patchwork Times is hosting a link up party where we can share books we are reading or, in my case listening to. Back in the summer, I read a book by Kate Morton called The forgotten Garden. I enjoyed that one so much that, when I was browsing around on Audible.com, I saw some more of her books, so I bought and downloaded one called The House at Riverton.

The book follows the life of the character named Grace, who was once employed as a house maid at The House at Riverton, and her involvement in the lives of people who lived at the House at Riverton. The memories of her time working at that house stay with her all her life. When she is 98 years old, she is contacted by a director who is making a film about the house and the incident of a poet who killed himself while at a party at The House at Riverton. The book follows Grace as she lives her life at 98 and also as she remembers the past, and the people and events at the house leading up to, and past the poet's suicide. It is well written and well read. It is clean, no foul language, and no indecency. It is well worth a read or listen. There are other book recommendations here at Whatcha reading?


  1. Read the Distant Hours if you like Kate Morton. Its excellent! I love her books.

  2. Thanks for another new author's name to check out!


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