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Friday 9 December 2011

Two more finishes

I haven't written a blog post all week, since it has been really frantic around here, trying to get a bunch of stuff done. I had 2 customer quilts to do, and they are done, except for tying in the ends of thread on one of them, which will be today's job before going in to work. I was trying to get all these things done, since my work schedule over the next 4 weeks frankly stinks. Today is the first of 5  3-11 shifts in a row. I know for all the people who work full time, this is nothing, but I'm supposed to be part time. But over Christmas, the part time people end up working full time hours so that the full time people can get their time off over Christmas. There is something slightly wrong with that picture, but oh well.
Anyway, back to fun stuff. I finished the Make Your Point top. It is now a flimsy, and has joined the pile of flimsies waiting to be quilted.
I am 13 quarter square triangles away from having the 1st step of Orca Bay Mystery done. Considering she released step 4 today, I'm not doing that great. But, the good news is that step 4 is string piecing reds and since I decided right at the beginning of this mystery that I was going to substitute plain squares in the colours of the strings, that gives me a week to catch up and get the 350 half square triangles of step 3 at least started. I'm debating with myself whether I should go ahead and cut the plain squares, or wait a while and see how the mystery develops. I would like to at least semi keep up with this, so that it doesn't turn into another UFO. Or, if I don't keep up, just keep going until it is done.
And finally, I managed to get a Christmas stocking made up for Avery. It is huge. This year Grampy and I will have the fun of filling it, but after that, it will live at their home, and his parents will have to fill it. *wicked giggle*. Well, maybe we'll help a little then, too. There are a few other things I want to make up for Christmas, some of which can be done at work on breaks. But those are mostly secrets, so I can't talk about them, yet.
There hasn't been a whole lot of decorating here this year, since both Scott and I are working Christmas, and opposite shifts, at that. We'll be going up to Noel and Laurie's to celebrate Christ's birth with family for 3 days, starting on the 30th. Becca and Matt will be coming up then too.
I'm linking this post up to AmandaJean's  Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday. What a great motivational tool that is.
And now, I'm off to tie in thread ends, and then maybe finish those quarter square triangles, and maybe even get a start on the half square triangles before I have to go in to work this afternoon. See ya........


  1. Nice job Cathy!
    You've been busy!

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  2. OF course I love the stocking! The Make Your Point flimsy is just incredible too! Fun finishes.

  3. Is that a little Elf on the Shelf in Avery's stocking?! So cute! And you're right -- it is HUGE! Bless your hearts -- working opposite shifts on Christmas. Ah well, it's not so much the day as the condition of the heart, right?! Todd worked it last year, but this year he's on the day after. I hope you have a GREAT weekend!! :)

  4. Make Your Point is beautiful. It has turned out great.

  5. Make Your Point has turned out beautiful. It looks good.

  6. I love the flimsy!!! I am busy catching up with all of your progress and enjoying myself.

  7. You have been very busy! Avery's stocking looks great and I think your quilt top looks wonderful too. I agree that you should wait to cut your plain squares - just in case....

  8. Nice stocking! Avery is a lucky boy!


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