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Sunday 18 December 2011

Stash report Dec. 18

I've used up a little more stash in cutting for the half square triangles for Orca Bay part 3, but I haven't had a whole lot of sewing time lately, although there are 105 out of 350 of the half square triangles done. I stopped procrastinating yesterday, and got that customer quilt loaded, and finished, and she just picked it up. That left me with some time to start on sewing some Christmas stuff for Avery, to help fill up that enormous stocking. I'm stuck on that, though, until I can get out to a store, and there is no way I'm going anywhere near a store today. On sort of the same subject, there was a family Christmas with Laurie's side of the family last weekend, and they got the cutest picture of Avery, wearing reindeer horns.
 I think today I'm going to take some  time today to work on more half square triangles, and maybe even move on to Orca Bay step 5.  I'm running low on blacks, though, so I'm going to have to move on to deep browns and blues, which will add more to it, so that's OK. Now, for the numbers:

Used this week:                                             1.4 yards
Used this year:                                          151.3 yards
Purchased this week:                                       0 yards
Purchased this year:                                   162.5 yards  
Balance:                                                        11.2 more yards in than out.

Hey, I didn't realize until just now that I'm over 150 yards used. That is sooooooooo cool. A little bit more of Orca Bay, and another quilt back, and I could actually be in positive numbers. Too bad I'm running out of time. But, then again, if I get the back made, and even loaded onto the machine, it counts as out, even if the quilting doesn't actually get done. And, oh yeah, I could make the binding too, couldn't I? I would love to get Make Your Point loaded and quilted. And really, I don't have to get any gifts wrapped until after Christmas, since we are celebrating our Lords birth with family over New Years weekend, since both Scott and I are working over Christmas. In fact, I still have to get wrapping paper, but I figure that may as well wait until the 27th, when I can get it for half price, or even less. So, it is possible that I could at least get it started. I just want to do an all over feather again, which I could work on little bits at a time............... I think I'm starting to talk myself into it. And then, there is the added bonus that, if I get into negative numbers with the fabric, I can purchase more without any guilt. I think I am going to do more thinking about that list of quilts I'd like to make, and see if I need anything for them. Hmmmmmmmmm..............  the wheels are turning, this could be dangerous, but a whole lot of fun. I'll keep you posted.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I'm linking up to Judy's' Patchwork Times   stash report linky.

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  1. Look how big he is..and adorable! You are doing great with your stash. Even if you don't quite break even I think you should be able to purchase the fabric you need/want absolutely guilt-free!!


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