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Sunday 17 July 2011

What a delicious evening

We were given the opportunity Saturday night to babysit Avery while Noel and Laurie had a date night. What a wonderful evening it was, filled with all sorts of wonderful looking after a darling baby stuff. There was  play time and feeding time and bath time and rocking to sleep while grammy sang him lullabies time. It was the first time we've really been able to spend that much time with him, and I enjoyed every single second of it.

First he had a nap, sleeping in his bouncy chair, that wasn't very bouncy since it needed batteries, but he didn't mind in the least.

Then he had something delicious to eat, but I didn't get any pictures of that, since I couldn't very well feed him, and take pictures at the same time. Scott could have taken the picture, I suppose, but he was bust trying to get the DVD player working.  Then we went downstairs, and changed his bottom, while he had a grand time looking at and playing with his bouncing camel.

And then, the most fun of all, was bath time. He loves his bath. Grampy took these pictures, after he gave up trying to get the DVD player working.
Shelby, their chocolate lab had to come in and make sure we were doing everything just the right way.

And after all that, was the best, the total best of the evening, a snuggle up in the rocking chair, with the lights down low, to rock and sing our darling Avery to sleep. We're home now, and I miss him already. I wish we lived closer. (sigh) 


  1. It sounds heavenly...little Avery is lucky to have such dotting grandparents.

  2. What sweet, sweet fun! Isn't being a grandma the absolute greatest?!? I know you enjoyed your Saturday evening, dear friend! :)

  3. "I wish we lived closer." I feel your pain. Happy for you to have had such a wonderful time with Avery.

  4. Lucky baby to have such adoring, doting grandparents - lucky grandparents to have such a sweet grandchild. Maybe a move is in the future?!


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