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Saturday 16 July 2011

Another camping weekend

I'm sitting here at the campsite, taking a break from stitching on the 6th block of My Tweets. I'm hoping to get it done by the time we get home. The 7th block is now out at One Piece at a Time. Every time she puts up the next month's block, I think that it is my favourite, but block 7 really is my favourite, so far. The campground is packed full this weekend, and it is rather fun to watch all the families. There a a couple of families just down the way from us who have never camped before. (Sound travels well from site to site, and it is next to impossible not to hear what they are saying and talking about). I'm not sure how many children they have between them, but there are a lot of them running around between the sites. They were having a wonderful time last night playing some version of flashlight tag. It was a lot of fun to sit and watch and listen to. I think laughing children has to be one of my most favourite sounds.
Noel and Laurie and Avery came out for a short visit last evening, but Avery wasn't too happy, over tired, most likely, and had a hard time settling off to sleep. He'd been on a road trip the day before, and had just gotten home. We probably should have gone to their place to see him. But it was fun anyway, with hot dogs and s'mores over the campfire. 
And Grampy got to have a snuggle with a briefly sleeping Avery.

Earlier in the day we went on an exploratory drive to find a place called Walter's Falls. We'd seen the sign for it, and had wondered from time to time whether there really were falls there. Turns out there are, leftover from an old mill of some sort, very pretty. It would have been nice to be able to get some pictures of the falls from the bottom, as well, but the trail leading down to them was way too steep for these old bones to even begin to contemplate.
Today, we are having a quiet day at the campsite, until this evening when we get to babysit our darling grandson. Noel and Laurie are going to have a date night, and we are going to babysit. So there should be lots of fun, and hopefully lots of pictures and cuddles and songs to sing him while he goes to sleep.


  1. When our boys were young we used to keep a trailer at a seasonal trailer park on Georgian Bay. We have the best memories of that time in our lives. We gave it up once they became teens - they weren't interested in going and we weren't interested in leaving them home alone!!!! Enjoy!!

  2. I can't wait to see your Tweet quilt when it's finished! I love how the prototype looks, but the bits and pieces scare me to death! LOL! I hope you have a marvelous time camping! :)


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