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Monday 20 June 2011

Design Wall Monday June 20

There is nothing  new on my design wall today. Bear Tracks is still there, and unchanged. I spent last week starting to catch up on my backlog of customer quilts, and working 3-11 at the hospital. And then, we spent the weekend at the campground near to  Noel, Laurie and Avery. We were at the same park as last time, but a different campsite. This one was right on the water. We were able to open up the zipper at the end of the bed, and then lay there, and look out over the water while having our morning coffee in bed. This was part of the view:

While we were there, Noel, Laurie and Avery, and Laurie's parents came out for a campfire, and hamburgers cooked over the fire. Yummy. Avery had a great time............ he slept through almost the whole thing. But Grammy got to have quite a lot of cuddle time, while sitting at the campfire. What could be better?

Noel did the cooking. He doesn't have a great fondness for camping, but he sure does a great job of cooking over an open fire. We had roasted marshmallows, and pecan tarts for dessert, and Avery got to have his dinner inside the trailer. I wonder if we'll make a camper out of him? I can see future years of going up there, and having him come out to visit, and maybe even stay with Grammy and Grampy for a night or 2, or maybe even more. It can be guaranteed that by then, he won't be doing a lot of sleeping, like he does now. But, he sure is adorable.

The rest of this week isn't going to be anywhere near as much fun. I'm off work at the hospital until the weekend, so my goal is to get all my customer quilts finished. I'm well on the way to that goal, since I finished one today. I'll be loading another tomorrow. I want to be able to get them done, so that I can get to quilting the backlog of my own quilts.


  1. Sounds like a lovely camping trip--you stored up lots of cuddles for the next time.

    Good for you on getting the customer quilts worked through! I'm sure you're feeling good about it.

  2. What a wonderful weekend. A beautiful view out your tent and an adorable baby sleeping in your arms. Heaven.

  3. What a great way to spend your weekend! I too, love spending time with my family. Good to hear you got some customer quilting done - I am sure they are happy about that too!


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