Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday, 11 June 2023

Slow Sunday Stitching

 I managed to get all the satin stitching done for the pulled thread work necessary on the third last band of my Quilters Bee cross stitch sampler. And then, I was able to spend a few evenings doing the cutting and tread removal for the Hardanger Lace section. What a slow process that is, to make sure to only cut the correct number and location of threads. Whew! Am I ever glad to have that done. I have set it aside again for a few days while I refresh my memory as to how to do the specialty stitches in the empty spaces and around the remaining threads. 

We looked after our grand daughter the last couple of days, as well as having an electrician come in and do some work in our living space. Between those 2 things there were a couple of early mornings with another one happening tomorrow when the electrician comes back to finish the work. That all means that concentrating enough to figure out these stitches is going to have to wait a while. So in the meantime I will post this to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching and get on with the onerous task of doing next to nothing while I rest.


  1. I have always loved the look of hardanger, but I have never tried it. I totally understand the need to concentrate on something like that. Your work looks beautiful.

  2. Wow....your hardanger is amazing!

  3. Simply stunning!!!! Beautiful work , Cathy.

  4. I love hardanger and I'm lucky to have two pieces which my daughter stitched for me. Yours is beautiful.

  5. I love love love pulled thread work... I did that on a couple projects... one is gone (house fire) and one my mom still has in it's professionally mounted frame... after her time is done here I will give it a place of honor in this home :) Enjoy ... I went back and viewed some other of your handwork and I love your vibe... Have a happy week! Kathi


I love reading all your comments, and am grateful for each one. I try very hard to answer them all, but lately I haven’t quite been able to answer all of them.