Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Monday 2 March 2020

What I’m working on

I have finished the Leftovers Sampler. I took it upstairs into the front hallway to get pictures. It is the only space in the house large enough to be able to spread a quilt out for pictures. I had to do a bit of editing for the colours since it is such a grey and gloomy day out.

 After the top was finished I still had some orphan blocks left over, so I pieced them into the back. I have had the fabrics hanging around for a long time, so I grabbed all the Civil War type colours of fat quarters that were in my stash and pieced them into the back as well.

I’ve also been doing a temperature quilt that records in colours the high and low temperature of each day. January and February are done and sewn together.

My friend Susan who lives way out in Alberta sent me some quilt photos on Saturday. One of them was a photo of a New York Beauty quilt. It reminded me that I had started one of those years ago. According to this trusty blog the last time I had it out for photos was in June of 2012. This is what it looked like then. There were 22 blocks at that time.

I went digging for the blocks and discovered that I had added more blocks to it since this picture was taken. I counted 27 total. If I want to continue with the layout in this photo, which I really like, I’ll need one more block.

I’m linking up to Monday Making and Design Wall Monday.


  1. Congrats on the Leftover Sampler. It must feel really good!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the New York Beauty.w

  2. Your NYB is lovely. I like how you put all of your orphan blocks together.

  3. That Leftover Sampler is fantastic. You even put some on the back! Isn't it fun to have a quilt just from leftovers? I have the beginnings of a NYB somewhere. Yours is delicious.


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