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Wednesday 5 June 2019

Itching to get to machine sewing

For the first time in a very long time I’m itching to get to machine sewing on a large quilt project. In fact, there are 2 that I want to do, both from my favourite designer, Judy Martin. I’ve been browsing through one of her books that is devoted entirely to Log Cabin quilts Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts.  The first is one called Pioneer Log Cabin. 
And the second is called Aspen Log Cabin. 
I  grabbed both of these photos from the page on her website that shows sneak peak pictures of the quilts in this book found at the link here
However, there is a very large problem preventing me from working on either of them. I’m posting a “let’s be real” photo here of the current state of my crafting/knitting/sewing area.
It’s gotten to the point where just about everything has chugged to a halt because I can’t get near the table and am having a hard time finding anything in the mess. It is time to do something about it. But I have this slight problem of other work to get done. What to do, what to do as Winnie the Pooh would say? Little bits at a time is my answer. So my goal for today is to get the customer quilt that is currently on the long arm finished. And then I’ll spend some time tackling the mess and think about how to organize this almost total chaos. I think I need some boxes or totes or laundry baskets or some sort of containers, If you don’t hear from me you’ll know I’ve gotten drowned in the mess.........


  1. I live at the intersection of Mess and Clutter. Organizing and putting things away only works for a few days at best because I just start pulling out more thing to work on. So I am trying to get rid of a few things at a time. I have a cleaning lad who helps me move the bigger things and carry stuff out to my car to donate. Otherwise, the stuff just gets back in the mess and clutter.

  2. I can relate... Most of my sewing room is packed into boxes in my sun porch, while my sewing room (and the rest of the basement) gets a much-needed reno. I picked a few projects that were small enough to work on if I could clear a corner of the dining room table - but that hasn't stopped me from starting new knitting projects, and buying more fabric - and there's always new scrappy quilt inspiration...

  3. I've had my sewing room look about that bad. I hope you have it cleaned up by now.


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