Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 3 June 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

I finished putting together the class sample for Stitch It Central and appliquéd it down to a background square. I am very pleased with the way it looks so far. It needs a couple of borders to finish it off and then I can get it quilted and into the hands of the quilt shop so they can promote the classes.

We had a vendor’s booth at the Sarnia quilt show on Friday and Saturday. What a great time we had. We met lots and lots of people and introduced a lot of them to the English Paper Piecing techniques. So many of them thought it would be so hard and after showing them the basics of it they came away realizing that yes, they could do it. I even did a couple of demonstrations to a couple of groups. Anyone who knows me well realizes what a challenge that is for me, and yet it went well and I had fun and wasn’t nervous at all. It used to be that when I had to talk to people I didn’t know, especially a group of people, I would get huge knots of anxiety in my stomach. I seem to have gotten over that and I think a large part of that can be credited to several very good and supportive friends, (yes Gail I mean you) Belonging to the quilt guild and being an active part of their programs has also helped immensely. Here I am showing someone what the paper is like and how it looks after being used and removed.

Since the class sample is finished I picked up Sapphire Net again. I started this ages ago and then it got set aside while I worked on Leo’s Mane. It’s time for this one to make some progress now. The floral units are all stitched together. All that is left is to do all the background units and then I can call this one finished.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching before going back to more stitching.


  1. Your booth looked great At the quilt show...lots of eye candy for inspiration! So nice to see you enjoying yourself and sharing the knowledge you have with others.

  2. The flora units are amazing...the color just pops!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Beautiful floral pieces. Love all those bright
    colors. Have a great day!

  4. It is SO much easier to talk to a group of strangers when you are PASSIONATE about what you are sharing.

  5. I wondered if you'd be in Point Edward yesterday - my DD and I talked about going, but it didn't happen (too many complications).
    LOVE your class sample! I didn't know that Stitch It Central was moving to London - hooray!
    Love your Sapphire Net project too - are some of the prints from our swap?

  6. Wow, so nice your projects.

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