Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

How on earth did it get to be the 25th of February so fast?!?! Now mind you, I’m not complaining about that. It means we are so much closer to spring and the warm weather to come. In fact, it is sunny and going up to 7 degrees celsius today, and the snow is mostly gone, which means we can dispense with the heavy winter boots, for the next few days at least. It does mean though, that I am not going to make my goal of having this fifth and last border of Leo’s Mane finished by the end of the month...... rats!!

I have the corner pentagons sewn onto 13 out of 44 units. Nine of those units are sewn together. I need to add one more and they will be ready to be sewn onto the side of the quilt. I’ve spent a good deal of time in the last couple of weeks stitching. But a lot of that time was distracted by what was going on at the olympics, where I’d have to stop the stitching and watch what was happening, especially when it came to the figure skating, one of my favourite things to watch. And then I got caught up in all those extreme things like the snowboarding people who looked like they were flying, and the the skiers who were doing the same thing. All I can say is wow.... they are crazy!!
But, now the olympics is over, so maybe I’ll get back to more intensive stitching time. I’ve downloaded an audiobook that should keep me going for a while, which will help.
I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching, and then I’ll pick the needle and thread back up for a little while.


  1. I didn't do as much this month either, because of the Olympics... Now that they're finished, I'll have more time to pay attention to projects - and I'll probably be wishing that the figure-skating, etc. was still there to enjoy! (I could watch Tessa and Scott all day long..! They made me proud!)

  2. We had fun watching the Olympics too. I actually got more hand stitching done during the Olympics than usual. I don’t usually watch that much tv. Your border pieces are coming along. You will soon be done....then, how to quilt it???


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