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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What I’m working on....

I’ve done some rearranging on the design wall, and put up my Northern Tree Line quilt. I wanted to get an idea of the distribution of the lights and darks, and also find out how many more blocks I need. There are 81 blocks finished, which leaves 19 to go. I’m wavering about what to do with the darker shades of the blues and greys, whether to group them together, or keep them spread apart a bit. It’s tempting to put the darker blues together around the outer corners or in the areas where there are four together. I’ll have to let that one simmer and maybe move things around a bit and take some more pictures to get a better perspective. I did discover that the darker shades of the blues have to be up against the darker shades of the greens, or the design layout gets a bit muddy. I can actually see a spot just up to the left of centre where there isn’t enough contrast. That’s the bonus of taking a picture, rather than seeing it in person. The idea behind the quilt is to re-create the colours and feel of a walk through a forest in Northern Ontario.
I’m linking up to the Canadian Needle and Thread Network and also to Lorna’s Let’s Bee Social. Lorna’s another Canadian blogger, and she’s actually going to be coming to speak to our guild and do a workshop next November. That will be fun!


  1. Oh Cathy... this is just gorgeous! I can smell the pine as I look at your quilt. As I've said before, I am amazed at the light that comes through your design with the fabrics you are using. It really does give the allusion of light coming through the forest. Just Beautiful!

  2. I love this quilt, Cathy. The cool greens and blues are right up my alley. And the name of the quilt really appeals to me, too. What a lot of work those blocks are - such tiny triangles. Looking forward to seeing you in person this fall!

  3. Do you have enough to put them all around the outside edge?

  4. Love the colors, this is gorgeous.

  5. Love the colors and layout so far! This is definitely a winner!

  6. Wow! What a great quilt and an interesting layout.


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