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Friday 21 August 2015

A New Year Coming

For some strange reason, when it comes to my quilting, I always think of September as the start of a new season, rather than January. Or maybe in addition to January.... sort of a just past mid year correction. It probably has a lot to do with the new guild year starting in September. Anyway.... now that all the vacation time is done, it's time to do some re-evaluating. Way back in January, I made up some lists of things I wanted to accomplish this year. It's a good bet that next to none of them are done. I know that because the lists are on the right hand side bar of this blog, staring at me. So, I am going to make an attempt to restructure the way I do things. Starting this month, as in August, I am going to schedule in one of my own quilts to be loaded and quilted each month. I have 13 of them sitting and waiting. One of them has been waiting for over 10 years. I'll start with the ones that will take a basic pantograph, for starters, while I consider what I want to do with the ones that will require something more intense. But right now, I can't even see them all, let alone lay them out to get an idea of what I want to do on them.
Also, in keeping with trying to restructure, I also want to get some of the UFOs and WIPs that are hanging around here also finished. With that in mind, I stayed upstairs sewing Tuesday night until almost 9 pm. Now that may not sound like anything special, but it's upstairs, as in the studio built in the garage. For some strange reason, I get creeped out when I'm up there by myself after dark. In the summer it's not so bad, because it's obviously light fairly late into the evening. But the days are getting shorter, so I'm going to try and get over that creeped out feeling. And the only way I know to do that is to be up there after dark. I think it's because it's so isolated up there. There's a connecting door that goes into the unfinished side of the garage, that then leads to a door on the main floor of the house. But if something were to happen where I needed to yell for help, no one would hear me. And that is really silly, since there is this wonderful invention that I always have with me, called a cell phone, that is a marvellous way of yelling for help. And really, I don't even know what I'd need to yell for help for! While I was up there Tuesday night, I got a few more rows of Texas Chain made up.
 I'd like to get the last of them done at which point the centre section of the quilt will be done. It's only been up there on the wall since January. I have this pile ready to sew together. And then after that, it's the last 2 rows and the centre of this thing is done. Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have the centre put together and a start on finishing the borders.

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  1. The smartest place for me to put my sewing room would be the basement, but, I don't feel comfortable staying down there. Maybe it is because I can't hear what is going on upstairs. I wouldn't even be able to hear the doorbell, if it rang. Hope you can get over being creeped out.


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