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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Stash and Stitching Report, week 7, 2015

 I have the second of my La Passacaglia rosettes finished and up on the wall. The first one is sitting in where it will eventually be sewn. Then, I went and started the third.

Part of the fun with this project is actually rooting through all the fabrics, and choosing which one to use where, and doing the fussy cutting to see what kind of an effect it will produce. I have some fun Kona solid colours coming in the next day or two, which I think will add even more interest to them. I'll use them in the star points. Now that the second rosette is done, I can count that fabric as used. I'm just giving every piece in it a value of a two inch square. Some of the pieces are bigger than that, but some are also smaller. It will even out and give at least an idea of the amounts used.

Used this week:                                             2.7 yards
Used this year:                                             17.75 yards
Added this week:                                               0 yards
Added this year:                                              15 yards
Net busted:                                                  2.7 yards

I'm linking up to Judy's Fabric report and Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching and also to WIPs be Done, although this WIP of mine will not be done any time soon, at all.


  1. Oh my gosh I really love that third rosette. Beautiful.

  2. I love all your rosettes, Cathy! It was an inspired decision of yours to use that black in the stars. I may have to start this just to play with my fabric. WIPs Be Gone is all about progress, so it's fine that it will take a while. We're going to enjoy watching your Passacaglia grow. Thanks for linking and sharing.

  3. All these rosettes are so beautiful. They are very inspiring to look at.

  4. Those are such beautiful rosettes you are creating on your design wall. I think this takes more patience than I have. I will watch with interest as you create more.

  5. THis quilt is sooo on my bucket list, I love it!

  6. what a wonderful and magical look!

  7. I want to see to see this in person!!!!

  8. Oh wow! This just gets better and better. Truly stunning!

  9. Oh wow! This just gets better and better. Truly stunning!

  10. you have great patience and well skilled too. lovely rosettes.


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