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Thursday 10 July 2014

Recollet Falls Hike

 It was a fabulous day out today, sunshine and cool breezes, the perfect day for a hike. We decided to go down the highway a bit and check out part of the French River Provincial Park. There isn't any camping available at this area. It's a protected space in the province, full of history. I've left the photo of the description board full sized so you can enlarge it to read it, if you wish.
 This is Scott, waiting so very patiently for me, as I get my camera and other assorted stuff straightened out and ready to go.
 They weren't kidding when they described it as rugged. There was a fair bit of clambering to do. But we took our time, and didn't find it too hard. There are blue dots on the trees marking the trail. I have a new best friend to help me on these trials...... an old cane that used to belong to Scott's dad, now acts as my walking stick. It is a huge help, far more than I ever thought it would be. When Scott first grabbed it, I thought he was going a bit nuts, but when I tried it out, turns out I'm the one that was nuts not using one for all these years.
 This was the plaque that was in place at the end of the hike, describing some of the history of the place. I've left this one biggie sized too, for easier reading.
And this is what we came to see...... absolutely glorious!! It was worth the walk to get here. The sign at the beginning of the trail said that it was 1.5 km. I think that must have been measured as the crow flies, because my GPS walking tracker said it was 2.5 km, one way. It was a great work out, and now we are both completely tuckered out. Supper was the old campers stand by of weiners and beans. And there just might be a campfire this evening, provided the mosquitoes don't carry us away. LOL!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! That looks like my idea of a great camping trip.


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