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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Road Trip..... and some fabric acquisition along the way.

We went on a road trip today. Scott was meeting his daughter, Lisa, for lunch in Hamilton this afternoon, but didn't think he should be driving, due to the vertigo he's been having lately, so I did the driving. It was a lunch for just the 2 of them, so I had to find something to do. Fabric shopping anyone???? I hit the Lens Mills store in Hamilton, and filled the shopping cart 3 times. I was looking for I Spy type fabrics to fill "boxes". I've been wanting to do a quilt named Think Inside the Box for quite a while and I needed 23 different fabrics to put in the boxes, each at a 1/4 yard cut.

These fabrics made up trip to the cutting table number one. Then, of course, I simply HAD to get the fabrics for the light/medium/darks needed for the outside of the boxes.
These made up trip to the cutting table number 2. Good thing it wasn't busy in there. LOL!!
And then, just because I could, and I still had time, I picked up some medium toned large scale florals.

These made up trip number 3 to the cutting table. They are all 1/4 yard cuts, so it looks a lot worse than it really is, although, I haven't added it all up yet. I'll do that Sunday, and add it in to the stash report.
It was a lovely day, and a lovely drive. I'm glad I went with him.


  1. I have that pattern too! Great minds think alike! :-)

  2. Love that pattern! I can't believe you didn't mention Scott's lunch with Lisa while you were here!

  3. Looks like someone is going to be really busy in the future. Have fun with your new fabrics.


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