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Sunday 10 June 2012

Stash Report, week 24, 2012

The short tale, nothing in and nothing out, that I can count yet. The long tale, I've been working on one of Charlene's quilts, a very large, custom quilted sampler. So, there hasn't been a lot of sewing time available, although I've been taking full advantage of the time I've had, usually after about 8 pm. I have gotten a fair amount done on my Heartland Star, but I forgot to count it as I was cutting it, as I usually do. I was in too much of a hurry to get it started and completely forgot about keeping track. So, I won't be able to count it until it is done, and I'll use the fabric requirements in the pattern for the amount used. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. The good news is, that my fabric "diet" is continuing, and I've resisted buying anything new.

Out this week:                             0 yards
Out this year:                             48 yards
In this week:                                0 yards
In this year:                              109.25 yards
Balance:                                     61.25 more yards in than out.

I'm hoping to get the Heartland Star all sewn together this week, and get caught up on some New York Beauties, which I haven't touched in probably a month, at least. And I'm thinking that the next quilt I start will be a scrappy one, and maybe use up some of the overflowing 2 1/2 inch strips I have hanging out, literally, of their storage drawer. So, I'll have to go through my inspiration pics in my binders and on my pinterest boards, and decide on a pattern. I'm linking up to Judy Laquidara's Stash report link up at Patchwork Times.

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