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Monday 25 June 2012

Design Wall Monday, June 25, 2012

I have 3 little New York Beauties on my wall today, using June's colour palette challenge. The top left and bottom right are the last of the NYB sew along blocks. The bottom left is an EQ7 block. And my Heartland Star is still up there on the wall, as well. But since it hasn't changed a bit since June 11th, I didn't bother taking another picture of it.
I'm working again today, then have Tuesday and Wednesday off, and then go back for 4 more. After that, a week's peace and quiet in Algonquin Park's Canisbay Lake campground. We have a campsite reserved right on the lake. I am so very looking forward to it. It's a hydro site, so I could take a sewing machine, if I wanted to.  But, unless the weather forecast is really awful, showing lots of rain for the week, I probably won't. I'll take my ereader, loaded with books, and the Christmas stockings that I'm working on. And the computer, of course. It might be hit and miss for satellite coverage, though. There is a big hole in the coverage map for satellite signals right where Algonquin Park is. If I go into withdrawal, we might have to take a drive to where there are signals to be found. LOL!! We'll probably take at least one day and go exploring the other parks in the area, so I might be able to get something out then.
Anyway, time for something to eat, and maybe an hour or so in front of the quilting machine. Hop on over to Patchwork Times for lots of other design walls to see.


  1. Love your NYB blocks. What a great idea to use the color palter challenge.

    Enjoy your holiday. Sounds like a peaceful place to visit.

  2. I am loving these blocks. Enjoy your vacation. I am looking forward to another staycation mid July. We will do some local things and maybe get a project done in the yard. :)

  3. Really pretty and sharp looking NYB blocks. Your vacation trip sounds lovely. Wish I were getting away somewhere this year!

  4. Nice!!! I loved June's color palette -- so pretty. Take each work day as it comes this week...and remember the reward of your week camping!!! :)


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