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Wednesday 16 November 2011

Trying new things part 2

This will probably a post heavy day, depending on how far I get on this Faux Applique. I'm going to try and do step by step of what I'm doing here.
First, I traced the design onto the freezer paper. The book says to do it onto a regular piece of paper, and trace from there, but since there is no problem with the design getting reversed, I skipped a step and did it directly onto the freezer paper, which then got fused to the wrong side of my white fabric.
Then, I laid the whole thing over my light box, and lightly traced the design onto the fabric using a mechanical pencil. With the design traced onto the freezer paper, there were no issues with the fabric moving off the design.

And here it is, all traced, and ready for colouring.
I'm going to set myself up at the kitchen table with a pot of  Cherry-Amaretto tea, and start colouring. The hardest part will be deciding on which colours. The book shows red, but I think I want to be different. Stay tuned..............

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  1. Oh good -- I'm glad you're not a 'color by the book' kind of gal, either! I love picking my *own* colors!! :) Haha -- I got the 50-pack, too!!! Have fun!! :)


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