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Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Resistance is futile"

As the borg say, in the Star Trek series, "resistance is futile". I tried, and tried and tried, to resist, but as everyone knew, including me, I caved in. I've started doing the Orca Bay Mystery. After all, how can all those other people playing along be wrong. So, here they are, 92 quarter square triangles, in blacks and creams, with a navy blue one, thrown in just for kicks. Actually, it was my test square, and it worked, so I'll keep it in. I've also gotten the quilting done on Sweet Treats and the binding made. So tonight's job is to get the binding sewn on, and the quilt into its first wash and dry, so that it's all soft and comfy. See ya later.......


  1. They look great! Are you making a smaller version to Bonnies? I have 100 completed, only 124 to go!

  2. I'm not laughing. ;) Yes I am. I love that you caved in and joined the rest of us!

    Can't wait to see Sweet Treats all finished and soft.

  3. I couldn't resist either. You sound like a busy person, just like me! Good luck!

  4. lol sometimes ya gotta cave! have fun.

  5. I'm still resisting! But it's SO TOUGH! lol

    I've pulled fabrics.. still debating on those... and still holding off til I get this cruise quilt at least sandwiched.

  6. Are you going to use Bonnie's colour scheme?
    I've been able to resist so far; and now I'm thinking of making a quillow for my mom - she'll be needing it by Thursday - yikes!
    I'll flag the instructions though - it may get made one of these years!

  7. I am glad you joined in. I love that you are keeping a renegade block!

  8. It's hard to resist once you've done one especially. I think it's the camaraderie and all the little pieces that go together so well at the end. I tried to resist too, but here I am trying to do step 2.


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