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Monday 12 September 2011

Design Wall Monday Sept 12

There isn't anything too terribly exciting on my wall today. The backing for the Batman quilt is done. I managed to use up the last of the fat quarters that came in the collection, and some of the leftovers from cutting the pieces for the top.

We were on vacation for a few days and over the weekend, so not a lot of sewing got done. We went up to see Noel and Laurie and Avery and had a wonderful time. He's smiling and laughing and cooing and is just soooo cute. I took a couple of videos of him, thinking I could upload them onto my blog. Unfortunately, it seems like it isn't that simple. There seems to be some converting over to youtube videos, and for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how to do that. It's probably something simple that I'm missing, But, for now, no videos. But I do have a picture on Noel and Avery chillin' at the campsite.
While we were there we did another spot of baby sitting, and can you believe it, but this Grammie forgot her camera at the campsite. I couldn't! There was so much I wanted to photograph, and I forgot the camera.  grrrrr. I was so mad at myself. Oh well. This trip out to the campsite made for 4 all together for Avery. Three with us, and one with Becca and Matt. He loves being outside, and is fascinated with watching the leaves blow in the breeze. I think we may have a potential camper here. They came out for supper on Saturday. Scott cooked up some Atlantic salmon over the fire, and then we had some rice and salad. Pretty classy food for camping out. It was really tasty. I'm hoping to get one more camping trip in over our Thanksgiving weekend, in early October. But that will totally depend on the weather. Early October can be gorgeous, especially up there with all the fall colours. If not, we'll stay with Noel and Laurie.

There are lots of pictures of quilts that are a lot more exciting than mine over at Judy's Patchwork Times Go take a look, if you have a few minutes.

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  1. Working on a backing is boring, but necessary...I'm sure the Batman quilt will be finished before you know it! I just hate it too when I forget my camera!


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