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Monday 18 April 2011

Design Wall Monday April 18

I don't actually have anything on my wall today. But I do have pictures of the quilts that were delivered at the baby shower on Saturday. We had a great time at the shower. There were 26 family and friends there to celebrate with Laurie. Laurie's mom and grandmother did up sandwiches and punch and the usual shower games. Becca and I did up some chocolate candies and the cake, which turned out wonderfully, considering neither Becca, nor I had ever worked with fondant and cake decorating before.

 She received so many wonderful gifts. There was so much love for that baby in the room. And, of course, I have a couple of pictures of the quilts. They are doing a tropical decorating idea for his room, reflecting back to their wedding in Hawaii. So I did up a wall hanging for them. The fish and palm tree patterns came from Fat Cat Patterns One of the things that they saw when they were in Hawaii were a lot of kite surfers, and they asked if there was a way to pit one of them into the quilt. I found a public domain picture, and turned it into a silhouette of the person, and a colourful parachute.

And then there is a picture of Laurie and Becca holding up one of the other quilts. She looks like that baby could come any day now, even though her due date is over a month away. Something tells me he isn't gong to wait that long. So very, very exciting!!!!



  1. Very exciting! Love the fish quilt!

  2. Oh great pictures-the cake looks terrific! So do the quilts, like how you incorporated the wind sail into the wall quilt.
    Isn't it so hard to wait for a baby!?

  3. Great job on the quilts - the fish quilt is really cute. The cake looks wonderful!


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