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Monday 13 December 2010

Design Wall Monday Dec 13

I wasn't planning on doing a wall post today, since I didn't have anything new, and wasn't planning on making anything new. I've spent most of the last couple of weeks working on Christmas gifts, so I can't show pictures of those. Today, I was planning on working on, and trying to get finished, my Nine patch pineapple. But, when I went into my room this morning, the new fabrics that I got in the mail called my name and asked, very politely, if they could come out and play. How could I say no? (giggle) I knew when I ordered them that they were going to be hexagon blocks, in a grandbaby quilt, so I set out to make a few, just to see what they would look like. I'm, so far, only doing gender neutral colours, since we won't know till the end of the month whether it is a boy or girl. I've cut the strips at 3 1/2 inches, so that a lot of the fabric and colour will show, without being overwhelmingly busy. I think they look fun, so far. I'm going to end up with leftovers of each set, so, the plan right now, would be to use the leftovers in a border, but, that is a ways away. Go on over to Judy's Patchwork Times to see more walls. And now, to work for awhile on the nine patch pineapple, and then maybe more hexies, and go back and forth between the 2, as the mood hits.


  1. When fabric asks nicely, you just cannot say no. Love the blocks.

  2. I have made hexagon quilts before and they are some of my favorites! Great child-friendly prints you are using there - sure to be a much loved quilt! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. New fabric and new projects get me in trouble too. I have no self-control. lol

  4. I scrolled back to see the beginning of your hexagon quilt. You improved it, I really like the finished product.


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