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Wednesday 19 May 2010

A lot happening

There's a lot happening here, and not much blogging going on. The bridesmaids dresses are done, except for hems on 2 of them. Yippee!!!!!!! What a relief!!!!! And 3 weeks to spare. However, Becca got this idea, and I confess it's a good one, to use the leftover fabric from the dresses, and there is a lot of it, to make decorative napkins for the tables. 80 of them, 14 inches square, all needing to be cut and hemmed, so they can be tucked into the wine glasses and give a lovely splash of colour on the tables. We got 22 of them done yesterday, 58 to go. Yikes. But, after this, the only sewing I have left to do is to alter my dress. I have to take up the shoulders in it. The hardest part of that is likely to be taking it apart, especially the lace part of it. The limo company needs the itinerary and timeline by the end of the week, which Becca and I will have to nail down while making napkins this afternoon. Nicole is coming this afternoon to be measured for her hem, and maybe we'll draft her to cut ribbon for the chair flower arrangements. The ladies at the church gave Rebecca a lovely shower last evening. I was astounded by the amount of love in the room, all directed at my daughter. WHile we were there, I got a chance to finally try out the flower arrangement that will be on the aisle chairs, and it works, so there are those to do. They are very simple, tho, so won't take long to do. But, sitting here typing is not getting any of this done, so, off I go to make another cup of coffee, and back to more napkins.

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  1. ooohhh. sounds like your on top of everything---woo hoo. THe napkins sound like a perfect idea!
    I'm happy for you all!


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