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Monday 24 May 2010

Design wall Monday May 24

The One Block Wonder is still residing on my wall. I've been playing and rearranging the blocks, and I think this is going to be the final layout. I've discovered, in the process of doing this quilt, that I am a symmetry nut, and the non-symmetrical nature of this quilt was kinda getting to me. But, I am happy with the balance of it now, with blacks on opposing corners, and browns on the others, with the pinks and blues going through the centre. It is going to have black half hexies at the top and bottom, and triangles at the sides to bring it to straight edges. It gas been a challenge, and fun to do. I had to work this past weekend, and midway through last night's shift, my energy level crashed. I felt like I hit the wall and bounced off to land flat on my back. So, today is going to be a day off. We got all the napkins for the wedding done last week, and all of the other major stuff is done as well. The stores are closed for the holiday here, so I couldn't go out to pick up stuff we need if I wanted to. SO, I have decided that today is mine to do with as I please. The weather is gorgeous, full sun and just a gentle breeze, so i just might bring my sewing machine out into the yard and play. Maybe even start sewing the OBW together. Or, since I received a whole pile, 21 yards worth, of fat quarters in the mail from Thousands of Bolts, (they were having a sale. Who can pass up fat quarters for just over a dollar a piece? Not me! It's for my retirement savings plan), maybe I'll play with something new. It'll take another cup of coffee to decide.


  1. Gorgeous!!! It's fun to step away from the comfort zone once in a while.

  2. Oh your OBW is looking so good. You could arrange it 10 different ways and they'd all be original and great! I'm looking forward to seeing it with the black around it....take it easy and enjoy your "me" day. You've got to be in top form for the wedding!

  3. Shoppers is open!!! So enjoy your blog and seeing this quilt in particular.


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