Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 8 November 2023

What we’re working on

 Once again there wasn't enough progress made in our group projects for photos. There is still hand sewing happening on the backs of the quilt as you go projects. And another one needed some repairs done on a panel that was too short. The quilt as you go process is a fairly new one to all of us so we are learning as we go. There should be some good progress made tomorrow which should result in some pictures of near finishes. Three of us did a road trip down to the quilt shop in Minden yesterday called Remember
Me Quilts and More
. Their prices are really good and they have a good sized clearance section that makes for great prices for backings for all these quilts. 

In the meantime I’ve done some more sewing on the blocks that I am working on here at home. I have 12 done now. These will also be done quilt as you go style. I have 8 more blocks to do. They are an Electric quilt block called Flying X. They are simple to do and go together quite quickly. I won’t get a chance to get back to it before Friday though. I’m heading out today to a friend’s place to make a couple of batches of tomato sauce out of the tomatoes that came from the summer garden and also that I bought in 25 pound boxes from the grocery store. They have been stored since then in the freezer, but we need the freezer space emptied, so it’s time to get it made up. 

I’ll link up to Mid Week Makers and then I’d best get busy and get together all the stuff I need for that tomato sauce marathon.


  1. You're making great progress!

  2. Those blocks look quite fun - and your fabric choices make each of them really special!


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