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Sunday 20 February 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

 Slow progress is progress, right? That’s what slow stitching is all about..... taking time to enjoy the process rather than just rushing though. I’m working on knitting my franken-socks and my sweater. I have one sock finished. I thought I’d post a picture of the sock and the 3 yarns I’m using. Even if it isn’t the prettiest pair of socks I’ve ever made, they will  still keep my feet warm and cozy. Way back when we first started our english paper piecing  business that we have since sold, I bought a digital scale so we could weight our products for shipping. We kept the scale and it is sensitive enough to be able to weight yarn. I’m able to take my leftover yarns and weigh them and then divide them up to get accurate amounts for the 2 socks.

I’ve made some progress on my new sweater as well. I’m on round 23 of the first yoke chart. It’s turning out as pretty as I hoped it would. 

And finally, I have a UFO finish. This started its life in 2014 as a rainbow scrap challenge. It was intended then to be a full sized quilt. However it stalled out and sat in its zip lock bag for 7 years. In that time so much has changed, and the need and ability to make full sized quilts no longer exists. So it is finishing its life as a lap quilt that will be donated to the Prayers and Squares group. There are still 24 six inch bow ties left that need to become something. I just thought..... maybe a table topper. I never used to make those but now I’m finding I like them. Yep that’s it, that’s  what I’ll do and then they are completely used up.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. A lovely bowtie quilt... very cool layout!
    Since I'm fairly new to knitting, I wasn't sure what people do with all the leftover bits, so that is a great idea to make a scrappy sock!

  2. Beautiful socks and sweater. The bowtie quilt is lovely!

  3. You once owned an english paper piecing business....how fabulous! I like the idea of using up your leftovers to make scrappy socks. The bowtie quilt will make a lovely donation and yes, tabletops look all the better with a pretty quilty runner, or the like, sitting atop it.

  4. Your bow tie quilt top is very pretty, it's good to get some of these old blocks moved on completion, isnt it. I'm knitting a pair of Frankinsocks too, stripy ones using wool from three previous finishes.


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