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Sunday 22 December 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching

I have a slow stitching, or make that slow knitting, finish this week The pattern is called Canyon Road. I have fallen in love with this persons patterns and have happily fallen into the rabbit hole of colour work sweaters. 

 It still needs to be blocked. After it is blocked the lace and colour work around the yoke will be even prettier.

I have some yarn left from this one, but of course it wasn’t enough to do a full sweater so of course I had to order more yarn. And then after I ordered the yarn to make up the difference so I could make another sweater, I got a notification that I had reached a milestone and therefore had a $25.00 store credit. Which meant, you guessed it, I ordered yet more yarn. With the yarn I already have here and the yarn that is coming I figure I have enough to do 5 more sweaters. And that’s not counting all the leftovers from all the other projects. Yep, I’m building a whole second stash, with yarn instead of fabric.  
In between the knitting I’ve been working on my Hold Onto Your Heart design by Esther Aliu. I’m working on the houses and the foliage surrounding them. 

Her design for the houses had shutters by the windows. I’ve left those off and have instead added some lace trim inside the windows for curtains. I’m doing embroidery for the stems of the foliage rather than using bias fabric. This afternoons job is to prepare the leaves and get them glue basted in place. And maybe get some more of the stems done.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. That's a gorgeous sweater - and the colour suits you! Looking forward to seeing it modelled!
    I love free yarn too! We're going to be gaining a daughter in law, and she has no one crafty in the knitting department in her family, so I can go nuts! And you have a grand-daughter that I assume has long grown out of the bits you knit for her... (just in case you needed to justify those purchases!)

  2. What a beautiful sweater! I really appreciate someone who can knit something so wonderful. I'm all thumbs when it come to knitting.

  3. I love the bright blue of your jumper. I have lots of sock wool part balls to knit into an infinity scarf before I buy more wool. Your applique house is lovely with it's lace curtains.

  4. Love your appliqué and especially those pretty curtains.


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