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Monday 8 August 2016

Design Wall Monday

I’m on a roll!! A blog post a day for three days in a row!! I wanted to show a picture of the guild blog sampler as it is so far. I had to recruit my husband to help hold it off the edge of the deck to get a full picture, rather than trying to hang it on the design wall where it won’t fit and where there are various machines and objects in the way. Not to mention an ironing board piles with stuff..... you get the idea.... too  much stuff, not enough space and not enough time spent organizing. There is a dark purple border, the same colour as the outside triangles left to go on, and this one counts as done. It looks so very much better in person than it does here.
I’ve loaded yet another of my own quilts onto the machine. Northern Tree Line is getting its turn at quilting. It’s almost halfway done. I didn’t put any borders on this piece, and the half square triangles go right out to the edge. It’s going to be a challenge to get it bound without losing triangle points. There will most likely be quite a few points cut off..... oh well.
I’m going to link this up to Judy’s Design Wall Monday. Then I think it’s going to a more binding evening .


  1. The guild quilt looks great. Very pretty!

  2. It is a good time to bind with the Olympics on the television. Good luck on keeping your points, but in the end it will all look awesome. The eye is drawn to the center of the quilt usually. Your blog sampler is a beauty! =^.^= Sandi


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