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Monday 23 May 2016

Sunday Stash and Stitching Report on Monday

I got so involved in the gorgeous day yesterday, that I didn’t get around to writing this post until today. I’m currently sitting out again on my swing, same as yesterday, enjoying the summer weather that has finally arrived in southern Ontario. My husband is out cutting the grass, and it smells so good!!
This is what I was stitching yesterday. I’m appliquéing the star to the background. It’s draped over the back of my swing. The star points are six inches on the straight sides of the papers. Here’s a closer look at that star. I’m really liking the way it seems to be floating on the background fabric.It’s going to be surrounded by different pieced hexagons, followed by a border and then more pieced hexagons.
While we were away last weekend, we made a stop at a little quilt shop in Port Elgin. I picked up 11 different red fat quarters. Judy Martin is in the process of writing a new book, all about Lone Stars. She posted a picture on Facebook of herself sitting with one of the quilts for the book that she has partially pieced.  It’s another case of love at first sight, for me. It will be a while before her book comes out, so I have time to start collecting the reds I will need. That means my stash has grown a bit more.

Used last 2 weeks:                                                 .8 yards
Used this year:                                                 26.45 yards
Added last 2 weeks:                                           2.75 yards
Added this year:                                                 23.2 yards
Net stash busted:                                                3.25 yards

Today is a holiday Monday for us here in Canada, so I’m going to spend mine playing with fabrics. I have almost all of the alternate blocks for my Sisters Across the Miles done. So I’m going to finish those up today, and then get to work on finishing the Sister’s Choice variation blocks. I am hoping to publish a pattern for this quilt, so I’d best get moving. I’m linking to Judy’s Stash Report.

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