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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Back to Work

Not that quilting is work, but after three weeks vacation, it takes a while to figure out where I am, and what I'm doing. Yesterday was spent mostly doing phone calls and catch up things. After that, I came up to the studio to check in on which customer quilt was up next. Turns out, it's the last of a group of three quilts for a small guild in the St. Thomas area. They make quilts for chemotherapy patients, and they had so many tops waiting to be quilted, that they decided to hire three of them out.
This last one required the purchase and download of a new pantograph from Digitech Designs. The last part of yesterday afternoon was spent drawing it up. I love looking through that web site at all the different designs. It can be quite the time gobbler.
This is the design we decided on. It's called Nutz and Boltz.

It's going on this quilt with the fun tools fabrics. I have one pass of the design done, so this is a bit of a sneak peak.
The rest of yesterday afternoon was spent knitting while waiting for 2 1/2 hours to see my doctor. Our pharmacy didn't like the way one of my prescriptions was written, and they wanted clarification. To be fair to them, I wasn't taking the medication as ordered, so it did need to be reordered. However, the snag came when I called the doctors office and found out that he's going on vacation next week. That meant I had to go in to see him at the after hours clinic which started at 4:30. I arrived at 3:45, knowing how long the waits are, and didn't get out until 6:30. I got a lot of knitting done in that time period. I can't imagine sitting there for that length of time with nothing to do.
Today was a run to the bank and to the drug store day. Now, I'm free to work on this quilt. I'm hoping to keep going today until it is done. A customer is dropping off a rush quilt this evening, and I also want to get started on writing up the instructions for a free sampler that I'm doing for the guild's blog starting in September. So, lots to do and if I'm going to get it done,  I'd better get at it.


  1. What a perfect quilting design for this quilt!

  2. That is a great design for that fabric. Have fun getting back into the swing of things.

  3. Oh gosh, that was the perfect quilting design for the fabric -- how fun!! Glad you had a great vacay -- enjoy getting back into the swing of the real world!! :)

  4. I really like what I see on their site....they have a lot to choose from. I think that is the perfect choice for that quilt!


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