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Saturday 15 December 2012

Saturday news

I had a wonderful afternoon with Becca today. Matt and Scott were over at the house priming all the drywall that is now finished, so she came over and helped me with the seemingly endless job of sorting out and organizing my fabric stash. She sorted through my fat quarter drawer, and ironed and refolded so that they are all the same size. Then she put them into some IKEA containers that fit into the drawers. I want to eventually refinish the dresser that acts as my cutting surface, and also some fabric storage. With the fabrics all in easily removable containers,
it will be really easy to take stuff out of the drawers before refinishing it.
While Becca was working on the fat quarters, I continued with making the mini bolts out of my yardage. It's almost done.I think they look rather pretty all lined up in rows on the shelves. And it's amazing how much less space the fabrics take up this way. I've been putting everything under 3 yards onto these mini bolts. Everything over 3 yards is going to go onto regular sized bolts, also made out of the foam core boards. But, that's for another day. For the rest of the evening, I'm going to sit with my feet up, and stitch.


  1. Sweet...you have your own little quilt shop!

  2. Ah! Some lovely eye candy you've got there!!! Doesn't it feel good to have it all organized? I love looking at my stash when it's in place.

  3. You can come do my basement stash when you finish with yours. Maybe then I'd get motivated to clean up the rest and move my sewing area down there.

  4. Cathy, it looks GREAT!! Wow -- it almost makes me think I should give it a try! LOL! :)


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