Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Tuesday was such a fun day

Jannette came over to play on Tuesday afternoon. We had such a great time chatting and visiting, and sewing. It has been so very long since I have had company to sew with. At least a couple of years, if not longer. I am hoping we can do it again, soon.
I pulled out my UFO for July, which happened to be another Judy Martin pattern. It is from her book The Creative Pattern Book and is called Grandmother's Diamond Ring. It is quite a challenge.
I already had all the coloured diamonds and triangle units pieced, so I am now adding them to the background shapes. I have found, however, that I wasn't to terribly accurate in my piecing when I was sewing them together, so some of them are going to be a bit wonky. Hopefully, once it is all sewn together, it won't end up too distorted. But I must confess that there is a lot of fudging going on. It is actually going fairly quickly, even with the fudge factor, so I'm hoping to have most of it pieced together by the time I go back to work on the weekend.
And our new front door came today, and was installed by a couple of really nice young men, who were quite good at what they were doing. As far as I can tell, that is. Now we won't need to hang a quilt over the door to keep out the wind next winter and  we don't have to hold the screen part of the screen door in place with duct tape. The quilter in me really likes the way the curves on the top of the screen door pick up the curve of the little window in the door. All in all, a couple of really good days.


  1. Wow, that really does look to be a very intricate pattern and you are doing a great job putting it together. It looks very good to me. I think if there are any little oopsies, they won't be noticeable once it is quilted.

  2. always fun to sew and gab! your ufo has a very modern look to me. love your new doors, I just said to Paul last night that I think we need to get a new door...soon So hopefully in the next year or so (haha)we're not to the duct tape stage yet but wind definitely is whistling through!

  3. Wow, your door is gorgeous! Yeah -- I can definitely see how the lines appeal to you!! :)

  4. Interesting pattern, and I love the colors you have chosen. I don't think I've ever seen a quilt like yours. I like it!

  5. Each block that you add to that quilt makes it more fun - hope it continues to go together well!
    Love the front door too! You're going to have to find a new display spot for the door-quilt!

  6. This is a really cool design...I've never seen it before...looks difficult!


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