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Monday, 9 May 2011

Some days...........

Have you ever had one of those days where you would have been a whole lot better off if you had stayed in bed? I had one of those today. It all started with the thought that we needed to get as many errands as possible done today, since we were thinking there might be a baby coming in the next day or 2. We had a check from the insurance company that needed to go into the bank, so that we could pay the dentist. So, I decided that I would keep the car, drive Scott to work and then hit the bank, etc. Did that, went to the dentist office, but rather than park in the paid parking lot at the dentist office, I parked across the street at the McDonalds, since I was planning on having a burger there. Did that, paid the dentist, had a burger, went out, got in the car, backed out of the parking space, straight into the passenger's side of the car behind me. No one hurt, her car had a dent and multiple scratches, ours was not affected at all. Guess there are some advantages to driving a big gas guzzling SUV. But it was all highly embarrassing. And I have no excuse. I simply didn't see her. So, instead of coming home, there was a trip to our local accident reporting centre. Except that didn't go right either. I didn't know exactly where it was, so I programmed the address into my GPS thing. And it took us, she was following me, to the wrong place. This GPS voice announced that we had arrived at destination, when there was nothing even remotely looking like a police reporting station there. So I got out of the car, explained to the poor woman whose car I hit that my GPS took us to the wrong place. She already had a low opinion of my intelligence and I don't think this helped at all. So I went to the nearest open business, and asked if they knew where the police reporting place was. Turned out to be one street north of where we were. The guy in the business was really friendly, and he had this cool thing on his computer that actually was able to show the street view of the reporting place. No problems with the reporting of the accident, other than the major embarrassment of feeling like a complete idiot. Got in the car, drove nervously home, and decided to do some work on a customer quilt. It had been giving me trouble yesterday with thread breakages, so I put some sewers' ease stuff on the thread, and the thread breakage stopped. I checked the tension after the first couple of inches, and it looked good, so I kept going. Finished that row, did another, checked the back, and promptly found out that the thread had been too well lubricated, and the tension was way too loose. So, I've spent the last 2 hours ripping it all back out.  That's it, I'm done, I'm not doing anything else today. I'm going to sit her, do some blog surfing, maybe chat with Susan on facebook, if she's on, and watch some mindless. TV. Oh, and that baby that was going to be induced this week? He is doing very well right where he is, so the OB is leaving things for another week, if she doesn't go on her own, first. So the running around that I did today, didn't need to be done today. (sigh) I should have stayed in bed. LOL


  1. oh boy! you did have a doozie of a day. I hope today is better.

  2. Some days really are just tough to get through. Thankfully, you were able to recover from all of the troubles without too much pain - even though it must have been annoying and frustrating.

  3. Oh Dear! I hope your Tuesday is a whole lot better than your Monday was! I recently backed into a car in a parking lot. It was my fault that they stopped too close to me. ;) No damage or injury, only embarrassment. I have never done that before and the lady was nice about it. I think next time they might want to stop farther away from a car that is backing up.

  4. Sorry you had such a terrible day. But just think, in a few days you will have one of the best days of your life. Hope today is better with the LA.

  5. I haven't had a day like that in a while, but someone mentioned at our guild meeting the other night that a friend had recently completed all the quilting on a customer's queen-sized whole-cloth quilt. She had spent a few hours trying to find the right colour white thread for the project, and now, after MANY hours of quilting, was ready to wash the quilt to erase the blue markings..... and as she pulled it out of the machine, she realized that she'd better check her spool of thread. Sure enough, it was water-soluble... so, no markings left, NO quilting... AND she had to find a new quilt top. Definitely should have stayed in bed that day!

  6. Oh my goodness...that is a terrible day :(
    Hope things have been better since.


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