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Monday, 25 October 2010

Design Wall Monday Oct. 25

I'm up early this morning, at least early for me. Our internet has been acting up for months, and we've been using a wireless stick instead, but, it is getting a tad expensive, since I spend a lot of time online. Our regular internet is provided by a company that shall remain nameless, but it has grown so big, that it has outsourced all it's phone assist business and technical assistance to India, of all places. They do, of course, speak english, but a lot of them a heavily accented and quite difficult to understand. A highly frustrating exercise, which is why we put it off for so long. However, we finally did it, and called them and worked it through to discover that it is a problem with our modem, so they have to send out a technician, which they have to arrange from there. So, they put us on hold, call from India to Canada, to arrange for a technician to come to our house here in Canada. So, there is a technician coming, sometime today between 9am and 5pm. So, here I sit, bleary eyed, grumbling into my computer. But enough grumbling, and on to the important stuff. On my design wall is pretty much the same thing as the last few weeks. My Pineapple quilt along. I have six of the blocks sewn together, and I'll be working on this today, while I wait for the technician. Also on my wall are my finished Floribunda medallion basket, and the partially glue basted and sewn, block one of that same series. And now, I'm off to Judy's Patchwork Times to look at other design walls while I finish my coffee, and maybe even have another. Why don't you join me? There is always something fun, and inspiring to be seen on all those walls.


  1. On your applique work, do you satin stitch around all the pieces, or blanket stitch? Or do you do needle-turn appliqe? How do you finish the edges? They're lovely.

  2. Reminds me of the sitcom OutSourced. I've not seen it except in TV ads to draw your attention. Is this your pineapple quiltalong project? Hope you get your "connections" corrected soon.

  3. Totally loving your applique!

  4. Cathy, I'm jealous. I still haven't gotten to putting blocks together yet. I so wanted to quilt this week but maybe I need to work on this project a little.

  5. How frustrating! But isn't it nice to have blocks to work on while waiting (if you can get off the internet). ;-)


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