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Monday 6 September 2010

Design Wall Monday Sept 6

We're going on vacation this week, so I've pulled Cactus Rose back out of her box, and started preparing, and glue basting down the applique shapes for the second block. Actually, I did the shapes for the second one about a week ago, and have managed to get one of the branches sewn down by taking it to work with me, and sewing on my breaks. It helps keep my mind, at least temporarily, off the tensions flying around there due to the closure of 40 beds, and the resulting disruption to both patient's and staff's lives. Thank you, Lord, for vacation away from it for a while. We're going camping, which might be a challenge, since the long range forecast is showing cooler temperatures, but we're getting a hydro site, and taking electric heaters with us. Cactus Rose is going on vacation with us, so I wanted to see how she is looking all dressed up, so far. One thing I noticed while hanging her up is that she is going to need major blocking, once the applique is done. Her edges are stretching. But, I'll figure that out when I get to that stage. I've been using an applique method shown here and am really liking her method. As with everything, it is getting easier and faster with practice. But, I think I might look for a Michael's 40% off coupon, and splurge on one of those mini irons. Ironing around those shapes with a standard iron is a tad cumbersome, not to mention dangerous to fingers. LOL. And now, time to go get started on some laundry, and packing up stuff for vacation. Oh yeah, go on over to Judy's to see more design walls.


  1. oh I remember your cactus rose--it's fantastic. Have a great vaca.

  2. Your Cactus Rose is gorgeous! The applique is stunning. Thanks for sharing the link but Lordy, Lordy, I don't think there is enough patience in the world for me to do that. :) Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Very beautiful..........can't wait until she returns from vacation. :)

  4. If you have hydro and heat, you can quilt away your vacation no matter what the weather!


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