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Wednesday 3 March 2010

Endless Chain

A number of months ago I found a really good series of books by Emilie Richards. If you've never read her stuff, I recommend it highly. The Shenandoah Series follows a group of friends in  small community, and, of course, quilting figures strongly in the books. All of the books in this series are named after quilts. One of them, named "Endless Chain", caught my eye, and added to the list of quilts I have fallen in love with, and had to make. So, I sent away for the instruction book, and got to work. The quilt in the book uses a stripe fabric in the wedges, and I really like the effect, but didn't want to use a stripe, so I decided to make my own by piecing the wedges. Whenever I feel like sewing, but without thinking about it, I pull out my odds and ends scraps and piece up a bunch of wedges, on paper, kind of like string piecing, or crumb piecing, but with a regulated shape and size. Today is one of that kind of days. It is going to be a long term project. The quilt needs approximately 336 on these wedges, and I have 67 done. I'm not sure, yet, what I'll use as the background colour of the rest of the blocks, but there is lots of time before I have to decide. I made a spider web quilt, once, using this technique, and one of Bonnie Hunter's, that ended up with 8 point stars, the points being made out of the string pieced units, but I can't remember the name of it at the moment. It is a great way to use up all the odd shaped leftovers that accumulate. Funny how the pile never seems to get smaller, though.  :)


  1. 67 is a pretty good start! It's going to be a great quilt.

  2. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the Shenandoah Album novels, and now I can't wait to see the Endless Chain quilt pieced the way you're doing it. Hope you'll preview as you go.


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